Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leaders (CCNL) Program

The centerpiece of CLA's Lifelong Learning experiences is the Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leaders (CCNL) Program.

Created as a multi-disciplinary credential, this experience provides you with a big picture perspective on all the functional areas necessary to lead a God-honoring organization with excellence. Study includes the areas of executive leadership, financial management, board governance, tax and legal, resource development, marketing and communications, and Internet and technology. You have the flexibility to complete the 100 hours of work through the Outcomes Conference and Oucomes Academy Online.

Christian Leadership Alliance is pleased to announce the CCNL Credential now earns academic credit towards a Master of Arts program in Organizational Leadership through York College Online. Learn more at this CCNL for academic credit page!

If you are interested in pursuing this experience, independent of outcomes365, you can do that by visiting The Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader Program for enrollment details.